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The Mirai online store is engaged in buying and shipping the best goods directly from Japan and from a warehouse in Moscow. We also offer new products from other Eastern countries.

Mirai, translated from Japanese, is the future, since Japan is a country of constant innovation in all areas, the latest technologies in the production of cosmetics are no exception.In the Land of the Rising Sun, they learned to split collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin and other important elements that are involved in the construction of the extracellular matrix of the skin into nanomolecules. And more recently, Japanese scientists have learned to synthesize peptides that regenerate epithelial skin cells and push out wrinkles. We give you the opportunity to try it on yourself. Everyone will be able to choose the right tool for him. As a rule, cosmetics from Japan do not cause allergies and irritation.

Cosmetic products from Japan are composed of sea products, the latest scientific developments, combined with natural components, as a result, the products correspond to high quality. Creams do not contain perfumes and artificial colors. A detailed description of each product, its purpose, its photos, allow you to choose exactly what you need in a calm atmosphere. If you are not familiar with Japanese cosmetics yet, the Mirai online store will become a reliable assistant in her choice.

Our store presents Japanese cosmetics lines produced for the domestic market of Japan such as Fancl, Lunas, UTP, Metatron, BB Laboratories and others.

Now Japanese cosmetics are available to absolutely everyone!

We also offer health products!

The offered products for health and beauty of leading Japanese manufacturers such as: MEIJI, DHC, ASAHI, FANCL, MARUMAN, NOGUCHI, etc., combine optimal price and high quality. Health products used at any age. In addition, by purchasing health products such as Squalene (shark liver oil), you are not just making a purchase, but an investment in your own health.

Japanese dietary supplements and vitamins have improved digestibility by the body and original high-tech formulations containing a minimum of impurities and excipients. We present only the products of well-known Japanese manufacturers - who have developed many patented formulas. Formulas of Japanese drugs, as a rule, are soft and do not cause addiction, so it is possible to use them for a long time.

We cooperate directly with Japanese suppliers, therefore, any product can be ordered directly with delivery from Japan.

All products supplied by us are manufactured by Japanese corporations specifically for the domestic market of Japan.

We offer you only high-quality goods!

Take care of your beauty and health!

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