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GINZA TOMATO Premium Pearl Cream – a luxurious cream with an innovative formula that invigorates and energizes tired skin. Thanks to the patented "Pearl Powder" ingredient made from the rarest Akoya pearls, the cream deeply moisturizes, firms, silkiness and a matte glow.

GINZA TOMATO CHIECO Shampoo & Treatment – your secret to luxurious locks. The shampoo gently cleanses and treats hair, while the conditioner intensely nourishes and revitalizes hair along its entire length. The formulas are enriched with sea silt and rose placenta for accelerated growth and protection against hair loss.

CHIECO BOTANICAL STEM CELL Rejuvenating Serum - a unique concentrate of Damask rose and cactus stem cells. Innovative development of GINZA TOMATO for epidermal cell renewal and powerful anti-aging protection.

GINZA TOMATO Deer Placenta – rejuvenating complex with deer placenta to combat age-related changes. Strengthens health, increases energy potential and slows down the aging process thanks to natural ingredients.

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