Good Night: Japanese Methods for Combating Insomnia

Today we will touch on a topic that is relevant for each of us - quality sleep. And how is it related to Japanese cosmetics and dietary supplements, you ask? Let's figure it out!

Dream in Japanese: myth or reality?

Sleep in Japanese culture is not just a rest, it is a whole ritual that helps to recover after a day and prepare for new achievements. And what if you add Japanese dietary supplements and cosmetics to this ritual? The result may surprise you.

Japanese dietary supplements for insomnia

Dietary supplements in Japan are used on a par with traditional medicines. They help maintain health and fight various problems, including insomnia.

L-theanine, GABA (GABA), valerian extract - all this contributes to the normalization of sleep. A convenient form of release - tablets, powders, capsules - allows you to easily include them in the diet.

So, dietary supplements FANCL GABA & Valerian with extracts of valerian and hops helps to relax before going to bed and improves the quality of rest.

But PURELAB L-Theanine and Meiji GABA improve brain function and help you fall asleep faster.

Japanese cosmetics for night recovery

In addition to dietary supplements, Japanese cosmetics can also help in the fight against insomnia. Night face masks such as Attenir Midnight Moisturizer, COCOCHI Cosme AG, AXXZIA AGtheory Gel mask deeply moisturize and nourish the skin during sleep, which contributes to better rest and relaxation.

Night masks for sleeping

But not only dietary supplements and cosmetics will help you sleep better. For example, a therapeutic silk sleep mask ASCAM 3D Healing Sleeping Eye Mask provides complete darkness and comfort, which promotes fast falling asleep and deep sleep.

Healthy sleep is not only a guarantee of well-being, but also beautiful skin.

Let your sleep be strong and calm!