Why is it better to buy sets?

Mirai online store offers Japanese kits for face, body, hair, and also sets of food supplements.

Let's see why you should choose a set, and not a separate tool.

First of all, it's profitable. It will always be cheaper in a set than buying separately.

For example, set GINZA TOMATO SHARK FIN Collagen and Pearls Collagen and natural pearls almost 3000 RUB cheaper than if you bought 2 pieces separately GINZA TOMATO SHARK FIN Collagen and Pearls Collagen and natural pearls .

Second, it's convenient. You don't have to choose multiple products when ordering, just buy one set.

The kits are convenient because they include a complete set of products to achieve the maximum effect of care.

As a rule, the set is compiled taking into account the duration of the intake (for dietary supplements) or the stages of care (for cosmetics).

For example, CocochiCosme AG Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial Set includes an anti-aging lotion, an emulsion (serum) and a cream mask.

Third, testing tools at no significant cost. You can buy a complete care kit from us, but in a mini format, which will allow you to test whether this Japanese cosmetics suits you before buying full-size products.

Fourthly, the set is a great gift. Cosmetic sets, as a rule, have a gift box.

We have holidays on March 8 and February 23 ahead of us. Or maybe your loved one's birthday is coming soon?

If you want to make a really useful gift, it makes sense to think about quality beauty and health products.

Sets of basic care products are the best solution for a gift!

Tip: For the right choice of cosmetics, it is very important to know what type of skin the person for whom the gift is intended to have. If you don’t know for sure, then in this case, there is a universal advice - order a set of moisturizers, because almost everyone can use them.

For example, MT Metatron Premium Coffret Christmas Limited Essence Gift Set 2022 Facial Gift Set is suitable for any skin type, so it can be a universal gift for any occasion.

Choose only high-quality cosmetics and dietary supplements from Japanese manufacturers!