The Sunscreen Revolution of 2024: high technology for flawless protection and dazzling beauty

Ultraviolet radiation is becoming more intense every year, so the demand for reliable sunscreens is growing every year.

Cosmetic brands present novelties of the 2024 season with innovative features and formulas.

Modern sunscreen products not only block UV rays, but also protect the skin from other negative environmental influences such as blue light, fine particles of PM2.5 and pollen of plants.

Moreover, many novelties have additional beneficial properties, having a beneficial effect on the skin.

Together with the description of new products, we will tell you about the main trends in the field of sunscreens.

Trend 1 - sunscreens with enhanced anti-aging and brightening effect

In recent years, there has been an increase in the popularity of sunscreens that combine sun protection and skin care. Leading brands have developed innovative formulas enriched with active ingredients for lightening, smoothing wrinkles and intensive hydration.

The premium AQ line from Cosme Decorte has introduced a highly effective sunscreen with niacinamide and tranexamic acid, which has a triple effect - smoothes wrinkles, brightens the skin and prevents its peeling.

Previously, the purpose of sunscreens with a whitening effect containing active ingredients such as vitamin C derivatives and tranexamic acid was to suppress the formation of melanin, a substance that causes sunburn, age spots and freckles. However, recently, unique products have emerged that use sunlight, which is usually considered undesirable from the point of view of bleaching, as an ally.

For example, the Cle de Peau Beaute line uses the patented technology "Adaptable In-Shield", which filters out harmful radiation and lets in useful sunlight.

Products Pola's B.A lines contain special capsules that release vitamin C under exposure to UV rays for additional skin care.

The new product from Obagi also uses sunlight - it contains capsules with vitamin C, which is released depending on the amount of ultraviolet light received and penetrates the skin.

Trend 2 - tinting sunscreens for makeup in various forms

Sunscreens with the effect of foundation have also become one of the main trends. Tinting sunscreen products are available in various textures - couches, powders, sprays, etc., which makes them ideal for use on top of makeup.

For example,TRANSINO UV Powder Compact Sunscreen powder with SPF50 / PA ++++.

Sunscreens require regular updates throughout the day, especially after contact with water, sweating or rubbing the skin. Tinting sunscreen products make it easy to refresh protection without disturbing makeup.

Trend 3 - the emergence of new waterproof products in accordance with updated standards

In 2024, a variety of sunscreens with a new label "UV water resistance" appeared on the market in accordance with the latest industry standards. This has become one of the most significant changes in the field of sunscreen products since the introduction of the modern PA scale for evaluating protection from UVA rays in 2013.

"UV water resistance" means resistance to sweat and water - similar to the old "Waterproof" label. However, previously, the waterproof properties were determined by the manufacturers themselves according to their own methods. Now, the Japanese cosmetic Association has developed a single standard in accordance with international standards ISO 18861 (2020).

Water resistance is tested by immersion in water at 30°C for 40 minutes (2 cycles of 20 minutes) or 80 minutes (4 cycles of 20 minutes each). If the SPF remains at a sufficient level after the test, the product is labeled "UV water resistance ★" or "UV water resistance ★★" respectively.

Most of the new products in 2024 already meet the new water resistance standard. For example, all Anessa brand products have UV water resistance ★★.

From December 1, 2024, all manufactured sunscreen products must be labeled "UV water resistance", otherwise the former "Waterproof" labeling is prohibited.

In conclusion, sunscreens of 2024 offer advanced functionality, combining UV protection with anti-aging skin care, brightening effect and excellent water resistance.

Choose innovative solutions for your safety and beauty!