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FANCL BC Face and Eyelid Skin Care Kit with Rose Placenta

For intensive skin restoration
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FANCL BC Face and Eyelid Skin Care Kit with Rose Placenta - includes:

FANCL BC Night Intensive Cream Intensive night cream with rose placenta, 20 g

Eliminates dryness and peeling, smoothes the skin and has a lifting effect.

The cream protects against the negative influence of various factors that provoke early withering, restores the protective functions of the epidermis.

Plant extracts and oils in the cream contribute to high-quality hydration and softening, nourish vitamins and trace elements important for maintaining elasticity.

The cream returns a natural youthful glow and stimulates the production of collagen to maintain a long youthful skin.

FANCL BC Beauty Concentrate Beauty Essence with Rose placenta, 18 ml

It gives the skin elasticity, helps to cope with the signs of aging, restore softness and moisturize the skin.

Thanks to a complex of carefully selected organic components, the essence effectively copes with the manifestations of aging, affecting all layers of the epidermis at once.

It makes the skin elastic, improves the oval of the face, strengthens the skin structure, reduces the depth and number of wrinkles and smoothes facial wrinkles.

FANCL BC Eye Essence Nourishing essence for eyelids with rose placenta, 8 g

It makes the skin elastic, reduces signs of aging, returns softness and moisturizes it.

With prolonged use, the skin around the eyes becomes more elastic and the contours become stronger, become clearer, this is especially noticeable in the morning — the eyes swell less and do not lose shape. The essence counteracts the consolidation of facial wrinkles, completely solves the problem of dryness.

FANCL it produces natural, fresh, preservative-free cosmetics, containing only active and useful components for the skin.

The products included in the kit are characterized by the most natural and hypoallergenic composition, suitable for age-related, prone to early aging and sensitive skin.

Preservatives, flavorings, synthetic dyes are not used in the manufacture.

FANCL BC Eye Essence Питательная эссенция для век с плацентой розы
Наносить на кожу век утром и вечером, аккуратно распределяя нежными, массирующими движениями.

FANCL BC Beauty Concentrate Эссенция Красоты с плацентой розы
Наносить несколько капель средства на кожу аккуратными массирующими движениями.

FANCL BC Night Intensive Cream Интенсивный ночной крем с плацентой розы
Использовать на последнем этапе ухода за кожей перед сном.
Нанесите кончиками пальцев на кожу лица и распределите.
Availability in stockWarehouse Japan
AppointmentFacial care
Skin typeFor all types, Dry/Sensitive, Anti-aging care
EquipmentНочной крем для лица, 20 г - 1 шт, Эссенция-концентрат для лица, 18 мл - 1 шт, Эссенция для век, 8 г - 1 шт
Weight with packaging250 g
A countryJapan

FANCL BC Face and Eyelid Skin Care Kit with Rose Placenta reviews

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