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ORIHIRO Aojiru Aojiru, 24 sticks

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Japanese Aojiru - this is the green juice of various plants, rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and various trace elements, a large amount of fiber. Aojiru - this is a great alternative to chemical vitamin complexes. This preparation is made from green barley leaves. Famous Japanese pharmacist and doctor Yoshihide Hagiwara he devoted dozens of years to the research of barley greens. None of the plants he studied could compare with the amount of vitamins and minerals, in comparison with barley. The doctor has developed a unique method of drying the juice of young greens, in which all the useful properties of the plant are preserved and enter directly into the human body. Hagiwara patented this method, for which he received a prestigious award in the field of science and technology. In Japan, almost every resident drinks Aojira. The supplement is so popular that in 2012, Aojiru was sold for $ 500 million in Japan.

Raw materials for Aojiru are grown in ecologically clean areas, in the south of the country.

Young barley shoots have the whole set of vitamins, minerals, micro - macronutrients necessary for a person, a complex of SOD-a group of antioxidant enzymes that blocks cancer cells in the body, as well as essential amino acids associated with longevity. Unlike conventional chemical vitamin complexes, they are preserved in their natural form in Aojiru.


- it is a preventive measure against cancer, cardiovascular diseases and premature aging.
- the presence of iron and chlorophyll has a positive effect on the work of the circulatory system, thanks to which oxygen is supplied to all organs.
- eliminates unpleasant body odor and bad breath.
- it has a positive effect on immunity, healing of wounds and ulcers.
- makes the skin look younger, improves the complexion, helps in the fight against acne, heals nails and hair.
- supports the acid-base balance in the body.
- being a rich source of calcium, it strengthens bones and teeth.
- removes toxins and slags from the body.
- increases mental capacity for work, physical and mental fortitude.
- thanks to the large presence of chlorophyll, the composition of which is almost the same as hemoglobin, cleanses and renews the blood.
- it has a strong anti-inflammatory effect.
- thanks to a large amount of fiber-improves metabolism, relieves constipation, naturally normalizes weight.

Who is aojiru useful for?:
- for pregnant women and children.
- for people with high cholesterol and increased internal fat.
- for diabetics and people suffering from blood pressure drops.
- for the elderly.
- for people who, for various reasons, do not have the opportunity to eat fresh vegetables every day.
- for people with weakened immunity, physical weakness, mental stress.
- for people living in countries with a cold climate.

In 1 stick (2.5 g): 100% green barley leaf.

Main components: 12 mg of calcium, potassium 7 mg, magnesium 2 mg, carotene 180 mg, vitamin C 0.3 mg, 3 mcg of folic acid.

Taking 1-2 stickers a day fills the body's daily need for vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, and fiber.

It is not a medicinal product. Consult your doctor before using it.

В день употреблять по 1-2 стика.
Порошок разводят в холодной или теплой воде, молоке, соке 100-200 гр. и выпивают, как коктейль.
Для улучшения вкуса, лучше перемешивать в шейкере, но не обязательно. Не использовать горячую жидкость!!
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