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ORIHIRO Squalene, 360 capsules x 3 pcs (set)

To increase immunity
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ORIHIRO Squalene Squalene, effective and unique in its effects on the body, the drug Squalene is made on the basis of shark liver oil. It is known that the shark's liver contains substances responsible for its immunity. Sharks are remarkably resistant to a variety of diseases.

The advantage of Squalene the fact that it contains a unique substance Alkylglycerol ( AKG ). Squalene (SQUALENE), which stimulates the functions of the immune system and has a pronounced antitumor effect, blocks the formation of blood vessels (angiogenesis occurs) that nourish tumors, thus their starvation leads to the disappearance of the tumor.

SQUALENE it is a unique antioxidant. It is also a natural antiviral, bactericidal and fungicidal
medication. Squalene is necessary for people (often sick children, the elderly, etc.) suffering from frequent infectious chronic diseases, prone to chronic intoxication (smoking, alcohol, etc.), it is also recommended after severe illnesses or surgical operations, with heavy physical exertion, prolonged stress. Squalene is recommended for all people suffering from decreased immunity, as well as immune-dependent diseases - asthma, allergies, psoriasis, arthritis, AIDS.
Due to fatty polyunsaturated acids, squalene prevents the development of diabetes, inhibits the development of atherosclerosis, normalizes blood pressure, reduces angina, and, consequently, reduces the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes, normalizes metabolic processes in women during pregnancy.

Shark liver oil, on the basis of which squalene is created, is unique in its composition, it is the best supplier of vitamins A, E, D, which improve vision, skin, hair, nails, strengthen blood vessels and bone tissue, reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. Squalene is indispensable in the complex treatment of eczema, psoriasis.

The benefits of using squalene:

* inhibits the growth of cancerous tumors
* reduces the side effects of radio-chemotherapy
* against radiation radiation
* antioxidant effect, cleansing the body
* from toxic substances (elimination of mercury from the body)
* prevents the development of diabetes mellitus
* inhibits the development of atherosclerosis
* normalizes blood pressure
* reduces the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes
* relief of arthritis pain
* for chronic fatigue syndromes, fibromyalgia
* protects against respiratory tract infections
* strengthening the immune system
* against hay fever, sinusitis,
• other allergic diseases.
* reduction of cholesterol in the blood
* against various fungal and bacterial infections
• for rapid wound healing
* it is indispensable for the complex treatment of eczema, psoriasis
* improves the condition of the skin, hair, nails
* improves vision

Composition: Purified deep-sea shark liver extract 99.6 % -1800 mg, gelatin, glycerin.

The drug squalene does not give any side effects.

It is not a medicinal product.

Взрослым по 3 капсулы 2 раза в день (до 6 капсул в день), после еды.
Детям по 1 капсуле 3 раза в день.
Availability in stockWarehouse Japan
Admission course60 дней
Tablets in a package360
Equipment3 упаковки
Weight with packaging1550 g
A countryJapan

ORIHIRO Squalene, 360 capsules x 3 pcs (set) reviews

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